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The CulturePolis - as an organization that continues the activities of the Forum of Cultures of Europe: Adriatic-Ionian and Cultural Antennas in the countries and cities of the region have developed cooperative relationships at different levels (events, joint proposals and projects, joint ventures etc.) with a significant number of cultural institutions and associations, NGOs and other civil society organizations as well as universities, institutions, local governments and public and private companies in Greece and abroad.

Through these partnerships have made a significant number of initiatives, research and development projects, joint events, studies, proposals for funding programs of the European Union and local, national, European and international institutions and bodies.

CulturePolis as an international forum for cultural cooperation constitutes an important initiative of the Forum began in early 2008 with the aim of creating a "cultural gateway" to accommodate and cooperate with all the above organizations to:

To activate a platform for cooperation and networking of cultural institutions and promote their cooperation
To provide the ability to host web pages and display of the partners or members of the Forum rather, local cultural associations and other entities in a new website that will be available to the whole society (
Provide step-projection display cultural associations and institutions - mainly small NGOs do not always have the option of self-presence
To utilize existing sites, cultural collections and archives to continuously enriched by the presence of new cultural groups
Be the index and "guide" cultural and other related events in the region, and finally
Be the forum for discussion and reflection on issues of culture - in the broadest sense, including sustainable development, responsible tourism, innovative applications of new technologies, etc.

CulturePolis aims at rending this platform -whose creation began in 2008 from Corfu to accommodate short and organizations from all countries of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, Balkans and South - Eastern Europe.

The members and friends of the Forum and the entities cooperate with it in the context of local / regional Cultural Antennas develop a wide range of activities. Hence the need to create groups that focus their interest on specific topics eg dance, drama, puppets, etc. With this in mind to CulturePolis established the Permanent Groups Operations (CBL), which includes all those who have a special interest and focus their actions on this object each time. Each MOU will be the rapporteur for CulturePolis initiatives in each theme and leverage initiatives.
How to join the "Cultural Organisations Collaboration Network" of CulturePolis

As a network CulturePolis is open to all potential stakeholders eg cultural and related organizations, associations, NGOs and other civil society organizations as well as universities, institutions, local governments and public and private companies in Greece and abroad. Which agencies interested should complete the relevant application form from here and send it either to the secretariat of CulturePolis in Corfu, or forward it through email.

Every cultural organization or informal organization, creator culture, civil society and local, regional, and national governments with cultural organizations and businesses in any region in Greece and abroad, can join the Consortium and Cultural Institutions take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

For this purpose it is sufficient to visit our website There free and simple way can register the details of their organization, which organizes events and seek information about other players.

At a later stage will have the opportunity to submit proposals for projects and to explore the possibility of cooperation with other actors in the network or filoxenounai visit. Moreover those interested can join CulturePolis electronic submissions a single application.

To see more about the Database cultural institutions and activities / events, visit their website: culturenet


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